Various Mashed Mellow Grooves 3: Ibiza

There is a fine line between quality down-tempo beats and cheesy adult contemporary shlock. This two-CD set cleverly straddles that line, with a couple of quality tracks interspersed with audio filler that's straight from the elevator lounge. Safe bet tracks by the Theivery Corp . ("2001: A Spliff Odessy"), 2 Player ("Arizona") and some nice down-tempo drum & bass, courtesy of Quaid, are interspersed with mediocre guitar-wanking numbers that are uninspired at best and truly aggravating at worst. By throwing the word "Ibiza" on the cover in an attempt to give this release some credibility, they perhaps hope to snare your record buying dollar. Don't be fooled! Two CDs with only a handful of decent tracks are hardly worth the price of one. (Transient)