Various La Foresta Della Morte (The Deadly Forest)

This is a crazy soundtrack for a movie that, judging by the plot synopsis, is pretty ridiculous and headed straight to video. The music that apparently accompanied this flick is quite varied, very outré and consistently awesome, something you can't say about many comps. Highlights include the instrumental down-picking chug of C4AM95's "What's a Little Reign?," Melt Banana's effects laden mayhem, the space-age insanity of the now defunct Collosamite, Impaled's Carcass-ish death metal, the sweet sounds of Transitional and the funky throb of the High Life Movement. Quite an interesting little package with an eclectic mix of music, which, for the life of me, I can't really see playing much of a role in any movie, bad horror movie or not. (Toyo)