Various The Killer in You: A Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins

Painting with a brush in broad strokes, it’s generally better if a band (bands) is going to cover a song that it be far removed from their plied genre or stylistic endeavours. Sure, it’s easy for a metal band to cover a metal song, a rock band to cover a rock song, pop goes the world, etc, but the best covers are ones where creativity is key, where radical interpretations happen and a band (bands) make the song their own, not just remind you that the covered band is awesome and you should go listen to them instead. Unfortunately, the follow-up to their GN’R tribute (which was substantially better), Reignition’s (formerly Law of Inertia) The Killer in You accomplishes none of the positive and all of the negative of a covers record. Chock a block full of generally inoffensive emo bands (Hopesfall, Armor for Sleep, Emanuel, etc.) tackling the Pumpkins, who always blended overly dramatic histrionics with melody and hints of aggression, all the covers are pretty much rote and sound as you would expect. Sure, there’s the occasional double-kick part (thank you, Roses are Red), or breakdown (Eighteen Visions, you were awesome, go back to breaking it down), but, for the most part, nothing here motivates you to do anything other than listen to the far superior originals. Damn, maybe Corgan really was a genius. And all this time he just seemed like a pretentious schmuck. (Reignition)