Various Kick 'Em While They're Down

This comp comes courtesy of the boys in the Riptides and features 74 minutes worth of music. With 30 bands in all, most of who are from the Ottawa area, there's quite a variety. The reasons behind this comp, according to the press sheet, is to "rebuild a dying scene in Ottawa" and to "provide exposure" for bands without the means. There's something for everyone in the punk family on this. Pop, ska, old and new school punk from the likes of the Dinks, Spygirl, the Barracudas, 3 Orange Whips (you gotta love a band that references the Blues Brothers), Frodo and, of course, the Riptides, performing a heart-warming rendition of "Ottawa Sucks." Being a DIY release, the sound quality is hurtin' in a few places, but that's punk rock for you. (Goblin)