Various Johnny Hanson Presents: Puck Rock Vol.2

Twenty bands put in about two-and-a-half periods worth of hockey punk guaranteed to bring out the goon in everyone. As with any team, you’ve got the goal scorers and the guys who sit on the bench and that’s about enough hockey clichés for one review. Represented within, is everything from cowpunk (Stool Pigeons), old style HC (Commies), Queer punk (Pansy Divison), hip-hop (P.U.C.K.), the old masters (D.O.A.), metal (Pullfinger), the throwaway novelty tune (King Hokum and the Meat Bees), all bordered by two Hanson Brothers songs (a cover of D.O.A.’s “The Enemy” with different lyrics, and one called “Ring Dem Bells”). I could say this is a must for all hockey fans, but that would be stretching things a bit. (Sudden Death)