Various Isla Del Sol: A Chillout Experience

Self declared, "the official guide to chillout” may have been a slightly presumptuous move. The difference between chill-out and boring is such a fine line. One can best describe this album as the perfect backdrop to a quiet evening at home. Don’t be confused, there are some talented contributors on this comp album; most notably Delerium, Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation and Cesaria Evora. The problem for some may be that this is just too much of a mood or setting album that blends more new age meditation rhythms on the same vibe as a Solitudes CD than an acid jazz, Latin, funk and pop set as the liner notes proclaim to promise. Such tracks as Thievery Corporation’s "Omid (Hope),” Camiel’s jazzy "Sintra” and Cesaria Evora’s rendition of "Carnival de Sao Vincente” single-handedly bring this album up to a level that makes it at least tolerable in the forefront, once in a while. (Isla Del Sol)