Various Instrobeat-2001 Canada West

While Eastern Canada might be in a bit of a drought as far as instrumental surf bands go, the West is apparently lousy with them. Maybe it has something to do with actually being near the Pacific ocean or something, but who knows. In any case, this is a very solid roundup of 20 classic-sounding modern surf groups. Perennial West Coast faves the SurfDusters get the party started here with the spooky Trashwomen-esque "Drive." Other standouts include the Metalunas, who weigh in with the laid-back "Lost in the Moon," the Deadcats‚ with "High Lonesome Cactus," Phantom 309, with "Motor Oil," and Quonset, with "Desert Blade." If you’re into surf and want to know what’s going in and around the Left Coast, check this out. (Fireball)