Various Inspiracion-Espiracion: A Gotan Project DJ set

Chill-out may be an overexposed term, but it nicely fits the stately down-tempo sound of French/Argentine trio Gotan Project. Marrying dub production with the dramatic flare of the tango, they manage to cross over genres the way few artists can. So it’s not surprising that the first mix disc by Gotan’s Phillipe Cohen Solal is an equally eclectic affair, including selections from artists as diverse as Chet Baker, Calexico and Anti-Pop Consortium. The Baker track finds Gotan Project remixing "Round About Midnight” in their own vein, with accordion and strings, while Calexico and Anti-Pop have their way with Gotan’s own tracks. The mix isn’t always as smooth as it could be, and the overall effect smacks of a holdover until the group’s next proper studio release. Still, not a bad way to tide over fans of their unique sound. (XL)