Various Imagine the Shapes

Finding breakthrough success with critical darlings Love Is All last year, entrepreneur Kevin Pedersen’s Brooklyn-based What’s Yr Rupture? label has assembled an imposing first compilation to showcase the talent he’s found. Collecting the label’s four vinyl-only EPs, Imagine the Shapes offers selections from a gang of bands that work on the same wavelength. Swedish sensations Love Is All, the label’s flagship act, kick it off with their chirpy art punk, which signifies that every drop of ink they’ve received was deserved. While it’s a little disappointing that the three tracks are all taken from their Nine Times That Same Song album, in the context of this compilation the songs shine brightly. Reverb reliant upstarts caUSE co-MOTION! lower the fidelity considerably, but their contributions contain a hissy, terse beauty. Their frantic, succinct garage rock drips with melodic goodness on their four numbers, showing they could be the label’s next big success. Sheffield’s the Long Blondes, one of the planet’s hottest bands at the moment, turn in three exclusive tracks, as well as their hyperactive debut single, "Giddy Stratosphere.” It’s the lovely ’50s swinging romance of "Polly” though that will have people rushing out to get their hands on this; it is easily Imagine’s standout track. Finally, the always reliable Comet Gain provide some exclusive tracks with their "Beautiful Despair” twelve-inch. The lead track is a corker but it’s the optimistic "Never Die” that best represents why they’re one of indie rock’s best-kept secrets. Pick this up to support a great indie label and discover four bands that will no doubt be soundtracking your future days. (What's Yr Rupture?)