Various "I Said Sometimes!" - A Tribute to Bum

I Said Sometimes is a rarity among tribute albums, being a disc that actually features inspired and clever interpretations of the group's music that it honours. On this CD, 26 artists deliver wide-ranging versions of gems by the defunct Victoria-based pop punk band Bum. The Stand G.T., Mach Pelican and the Fastbacks perform superbly charged covers that rival the boundless energy of Bum's original versions. Scott Henderson Institute of Technology, Carolyn Mark & the Room-mates and Marcus Pollard supply earnest country-based renditions, adding an entirely new sheen to the songs. Another of the disc's many shining moments is the Lisa Marr Experiment's interpretation of "A Promise Is A Promise," a gentle masterpiece of cascading feedback, lulling rhythms and mesmerising vocal melodies. Along with displaying the ingenuity and prowess of the artist's involved, I Said Sometimes is an excellent acknowledgment of Bum's strong songwriting during their six-year existence from the late '80s to mid-'90s. (Magic Teeth)