Various I Love Guitar Wolf… Very Much

This album includes 13 artists who have come together to deliver their own explosive takes on Japan’s seminal garage rock gods Guitar Wolf. Lightning Bolt have the honour of starting things off with "Planet of the Wolves,” shredding the track with their heavy-as-fuck brand of cleverly layered distortion. Fast Fourier barrels out "Black Rock’N’Roll” with a flair for the fuzzed-out. While many of the covers here stick to the wilder side of the rock’n’roll format, like the Hellsquad and the Wildhearts, others don’t hesitate to mix in their own sounds to create a new spin on these tributes. Puffy Amiyumi’s "Can-Nana Fever” is more of a stripped-down approach, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s version of "Kawasaki Z117 50 Rock’N’Roll” holds just as much JSBX’s swagger as it does Guitar Wolf’s energy. Each track here plays out with just as much musical mayhem as anything that can be expected of Guitar Wolf. (Narnack)