Various I Love Fantasy

Another release from Lucky Kitchen compiled by Alejandra and Aeron, loaded with subtle microtones and jarring, sustained sonic blasts, yet justified with unusual sound sources. I Love Fantasy is a four-track compilation based on stories helpfully provided by the informative liner notes, which seem like something straight out of the pages of the National Enquirer. Track one, by Aerospace Soundwise, is incredibly subtle, intended for deep listening. Track two, by Evol, is based on an outrageous "true" story where some parts are sampled animal noises, other parts are fictitious animal sounds and still other parts are like the sound effects to an Atari 2600. Track three by Felix Kubin/Klangrieg/Reznicek are based on the alleged exploits of a Russian Cosmonaut gone mad in space. Sounds like being on the bridge of the Captain Kirk-era U.S.S. Enterprise. Track four, by Sachiko M., sounds like the test pattern on a television back when stations used to "sign-off," or a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This CD is weird but good. The Lucky Kitchen stuff is quite interesting. (Lucky Kitchen)