Various I’m In Love… With That Song

Boasting the subtitle “23 Australian Bands Pay Tribute To The Genius Of The Replacements,” I’m In Love… With That Song kicks of with former Hoodoo Guru Brad Shepherd’s fairly faithful version of “Alex Chilton,” which also happens to give the comp its title. In paying homage to Minneapolis’s favourite bratty sons, and most famous fuck-ups, most of the bands have not strayed too far from the originals, walking the line between slavish recreations and radical deconstructions that destroy the material. And goodness knows the ‘Mats themselves were hardly the model of consistency when blasting this stuff out. Challenger 7 offer a bittersweet version of “Left Of The Dial” and the Blood Sucking Freaks tear through “Takin’ A Ride” faster and harder than the ‘Mats, if that’s possible. Love Me’s cricket-filled late night version of “Sadly Beautiful” recalls Marianne Faithful, mainly thanks to the charismatic rasp of Mandy Pearson’s voice. It’s one of the tracks that may actually improve on the original. Michael Thomas and Nick Barker contribute a hillbilly version of “Skyway” and Erbs & Pisces combine both sides of the band’s first single, “I’m In Trouble” b/w “If Only You Were Lonely,” playing both at the same time – and making it work! Jack And The Beanstalk’s “IOU” is loose and fresh while Blue Bottle Kiss’ literally late night introspective version of “Sixteen Blue” underscores the vulnerability in the song. At the end of the disc, it’s one of the best tributes to come along in ages. (Antfarm)