Various Going Thru Life

In listening to this comp, I was surprised to learn that the bulk of the material was produced quite recently, the oldest dating back to 1998. All the tunes on this comp have an old-school house and techno feel, as if they were actually produced in the late '80s and early '90s. Going Thru Life evokes the feeling of having first listened to 808 State, or when house was still something of a fledging genre. The lo-fi aesthetic is partly due to the dated drum programming on these tunes and the way the synthesis of elements and atmospherics are dressed overtop. This aesthetic could be due to the fact that some songs were once tape releases when Delsin was a micro-label that could not afford primo production, though many of these tunes are also previously unreleased. The low production value of these tunes actually adds to the comp's charm. Some really good tunes are Cim's "Shift," which reminds me of selections from Aril Brikha's Deeparture In Time, because of the adept programming, and Blo Sum's "Luck & Easy," because it is strongly reminiscent of old house music. The producers, perhaps not intentionally, due to gear and production restraints, have managed to bring the feel of music from the past to the present, yet in a tasteful, nostalgic manner. (Delsin)