Various Future Memories

Interchill DJ and A&R rep Nathalie Edell is at the helm this time as selector of ten previously unreleased tracks by the globally-minded "organic electronica” label. Once again, smooth ambient textures, spacious atmospherics and polished production encompass this psy-groove outing, which this time around is even dreamier and more hypnotic. Standouts are the world-flavoured psy-dub of Eat Static’s "Sands of Time” and the soft hypnosis and climactic beats of Radiate’s "Witchkraft.” The mellowed pop breaks of Phututreprimitive’s "Deeper” (featuring Alyssa Palmer) is the only interruption in the otherwise smooth and deep psy-coated flow. But the clever glitch-trip of Mauxuam’s "After B4,” the exquisite sonic float of Solar Fields’ "Jeezh” and SnakeStyle’s aptly titled "Neutral Buoyancy” more than make up for it. (Interchill)