Various Further Electronics Vol. 1

Just like the compilations of '80s love songs, a sampler of great electronic music is now available in stores. It's pop-ified, which means that there are enough melodies and logical progression for everyone. It's also comprised purely of experimental artists, which means there are glitch and scratch and static and confusion. Everything on this album is good; Burnt Friedman's "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" offers an interesting variation on the sex noises we hear on the radio so often. Many of the tracks include vocals, including the very shaky ones of Static, in "Headphones," a strange, confusing love song that seems to be lamenting the unearthly quiet of office spaces. The short, happy melody sounds like it's composed on the same technology as the Taxi theme song. Also, Manitoba's "Tits and Ass" stands out as a melodic masterpiece and Penfold Plum closes with a charming lullaby called "Cute Toy." (E:motion)