Various From One Scene To Another : Plumline Record's Tribute to Canadian Indie Rock

What a delightful concept! Plumline Records is a Detroit-based label, admittedly modelled after Sloan's Murderrecords. Their tribute to Canadian indie rock inspires more national pride than a Tragically Hip sing-along in a crowded bar. We Canadians have given the bands covered here their due, but the effect that mid-’90s indie rockers like Sloan, Eric's Trip and the Super Friendz have had on like-minded folk south of the border is not always obvious. What is in effect here is a kind of two-way inspiration: the music Canadians made, inspired by American indie and grunge acts, have invited some reciprocal tribute. And the Yanks take us on with some aplomb. Here are straight-up covers (the Recital's cover of Eric's Trip's "Follow"), interpretations (Kalkaska's version of Plumtree's "My My" is better than the original), and just plain good songs (Ten Words For Snow's version of Zumpano's "I Dig You" is among the album's highlights). Though some covers are more notable than others, the album is a worthy tribute to our own cultural product. Listening, one feels both proud of our own efforts and charmed by Plumline's. (Plumline)