Various The Freest of Radicals

A double CD release of avant sounds from avant Montreal label No Type, featuring an overwhelming 36 tracks in total. A buffet of styles is offered for those that harbour an adventurous sonic palette, including noise, musique concrete, click-dub, instrumental free improv, electro-acoustic sound engineering and ambient, among other styles. Though there are far too many tracks to make any sort of fair comment on all, some of the more striking ones were Jon Vaughn's "Bouncing Ball," coupling static noise with menacing rhythmic overtones, and Tomas Jirku's "I Think I'm In Love," a nice minimalist dub piece that sounds almost like pop music when compared to the other works on the compilation. The one flare track is definitely Infoslut's "He Dreamt She Was An Atom, She Dreamt He Was Enola Gay," a radiant full-colour painting set amidst clever etchings. Opening up with screaming distortion static, Infoslut lays in some drilling industrial strength percussion and epic synthesiser sweeps that instil a powerfully dramatic mood. All these tracks are very good explorations in sound texture and rhythmic pieces; the No Type people snagged some interesting artefacts from the fringes. (No Type)