Various Floorplay Vol. 1: Housensual

DJ Peace Harvest, founder of Play Records, gives us a deep house mix that's just right for the last days of summer. The session starts off with Nick Holder's "Xavier's House," featuring an amusing dialogue between a straight-edger and a mild, pot head talking their way into the bedroom; the rest is a gorgeous performance of jazzy keys over a subtle funk progression. Dubmarine get down with some rough Cuban percussion on "Abuca," and Hydraulic chills it out with "Super Gardini." Live house outfit Mr. Hermano pick things up with a synth-driven jam, and Uschii Classen ('sister' of the Ballistic Brothers) drops the vocal ecstasies on "Reach Out." No major climax in this mix, just a consistent progression of sweet tunes. It's also nice to know that the majority of these tracks are coming out of Canadian studio too. (Play)