Various The Five Fingers of Dr. X

Leave it to the boys and girls at Triple X Records to dish up one of the finest rock'n'roll compilations of the new millennium. Believe the hype, The Five Fingers of Dr. X is a rock'n'roll wet dream. The Five Fingers of Dr. X opens up with the phenomenal talent and raw fury of L.A.'s current kings of punk rock, the Street Walkin'Cheetahs. This quartet rips shit up and have composed some of the most memorable rock'n'roll churned out in a very long time. One listen to "Dollhouse" or "Mass Confusion" and it's obvious why these lads are making a name for themselves. Next up are Montreal '70s rockers Tricky Woo. With wailing guitars and bass lines that don't let up, these songs are an excellent extension of their Sometimes I Cry full-length. The Gaza Strippers put in three good songs worth of material, as Rick Digit's unmistakable voice and guitar playing grinds away. Next up, the ADZ put in the second best performance of the compilation with their solid, hard-hitting, punk rock anthems. If one can escape chanting along to "Breakout," "WWW.YouDontRok" or "Sadist Faction," it'll be a bloody miracle. Finally, Vancouver's boys of glam, snot and rock, the Black Halos, close out this compilation with three upstanding new tunes and one dug out of the vaults. It's certainly reassuring to know that labels like Triple X Records have a clue as to what the current state of rock'n'roll really is and how to present in such a glorious manner. (Triple X)