Various A Fistful Of Rock And Roll: Volumes 5 And 6

Here they be, the latest instalments of the Fistful of Rock compilations with more punky-assed rock and roll action than you can shake your stick at. Volume Five features a nice Ghost Rider-inspired cover drawing and tracks by the Go, Mad Daddys, Zen Guerilla and the Murder City Wrecks. This edition has an above average garage content and therefore stands out from the previous ones. One sore point that keeps coming up, with respect to the more established bands on these comps, is that they seem to always submit already well known songs. One example of this is the Dwarves' contribution here of "Is There Anybody Out There?," from their Sugarfix album. Volume Six features the Dragons, the Bobby Teens, Gluecifer and the TV Killers, and a not-so-great cover illustration. This series has a lot more records to come and they're a good introduction to some newer, lesser known bands, but they've got to dig a little deeper in the vaults to find more obscure tracks from the bigger bands to keep things exciting. (Tee Pee)