Various A Fistful Of Rock N Roll Volumes 1-4

Sal Canzonieri, one of the guitar players in Electric Frankenstein, has taken it upon himself to compile a series of 13 full-length releases of today's hottest real rock'n'roll bands. Make no mistake - this guy is on a manic mission to define and promote the wave of heavy-duty music coming out right now. Each volume of the series combines more established groups like the Gaza Strippers, Supersuckers or Toilet Boys with lesser-known bands like Snake Charmers or Mud City Manglers. Each record features 15 tracks and some cool Canucks like Tricky Woo, Von Zippers, the Sinisters and the Spitfires deservedly making their way into the mix. Each record has lowbrow style poster art done by some of the hotter artists in the genre, featuring various combinations of devils, chicks and monsters. This series is good, but it's even better if you don't have a lot of these band's records already, as a lot of the material has been previously released. (Tee Pee)