Various Fateless Flows Collective Vol. 1

This is a first time effort for the Fateless Flows Collective and a hopeful beginning is all one should be hoping for. This various artists set is a nicely packaged array of broken beat tunes that aren’t too over the top as to wander into the realm of industrial nightmare; and ambient tunes, which are intelligently mixed to improvisational hip-hop lyrics. To be clear, there are a few tracks that go terribly wrong on this comp set for the simple fact that they lack any clearly defined beat and are best described as unintelligible noise. But, on other tracks, you’ll forget all the bad this smorgasbord offers as when it’s good it’s funky, melodic break beats paired to hypnotic rhythms is unforgettably good. Various artists comp sets always run the risk of being a discombobulated mixture of sounds that don’t work, but to their credit, Fateless Flows is half able to overcome this hurdle leaving us inspired for volume two. (Independent)