Various Fabric 46: Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke's wife made him a rather interesting deal years ago. She gave him one year to make music and turn a profit. If he succeeded, he could do it forever. If he failed, he'd have to get a job like everyone else and say hello to mediocrity. It absolutely sounds like the deal of a lifetime, and judging by how quickly VonStroke's career took off, it was exactly the impetus he needed. The globetrotting DJ now manages two record labels and is one of the most in-demand remixers for just about every conceivable genre. To see him behind the decks then for Fabric 46 seems like a natural culmination of things. It's not a disc intended for the dance floor but one designed to get your head moving and feet tapping. Fabric 46 runs through so many different styles of house it'll make your aforementioned head spin. Filled with vivid, bubbly highs and melancholic lows, the album is an accumulation of seriously diverse sounds. VonStroke's seamless style makes for a killer blending of "Big Onion" (Detroit Grand Pubahs), "Galaxius" (Roman Salanger) and "Shake It" (DJ Deeon), the tracks chopped, twisted and severely reworked. Fat bass serves as the perfect foundation for the stuttering synths and glitchy ambience on Stimming's "One Weekend." There's even a glimpse of nu jazz on "Guppipepitsche" before Fabric 46 stumbles into Latin influences, eventually ending with dreamy soundscapes. (Fabric)