Various Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

Every day bands cover and rip off Black Sabbath songs, but never has a Sabbath tribute been as interesting as this collection of nine covers. With an idea dating back to 1997, Temporary Residence have finally put their plan into place for an experimental tribute to the original metal band. Collecting covers by innovative folk, rock and electronic acts, the label has produced a fine compilation of unique and true renditions of the Brummie band’s best moments. Matmos kicks things off with their version of the experimental-for-its-time "F/X,” but fail to make it any more than a terse nothingness. Ruins however manage to pick up the slack with the album’s most remarkable contribution, "Reversible Sabbath” — a noise-rock medley of Sabbath’s greatest hits all in two and a half minutes. Fresh off covering Hendrix, Four Tet delivers a folktronic take on "Iron Man,” stripping it of its doom-filled power and reducing it to a simply beautiful melody. Curtis Harvey Trio give "Changes” an extreme folk makeover that succeeds marvellously, while the Anomoanon works wonders with their psych-country stab at "Planet Caravan.” Everything Comes & Goes is an intriguing interpretation of songs known for creating the devil’s soundtrack. Fans of both Sabbath and experimental music will benefit in adding this to their collection. (Temporary Residence)