Various Elektronische Musik — Interkontinental 5

The Traum label’s Interkontinental 5 is its most interesting and varied compilation to date. It’s mostly tech-house, but that hardly does justice to the variety on this disc. Linus Quick’s "Tri State” and Lars Wickinger’s "Ghostrider” are deep throbbers, while Adam Kroll’s "Stalker” is just the opposite: a quick, crisp grooving track. Nathan Fake contributes the achingly pretty, beat-less "Numb Chance” and Process gives up something similar in "Tendency to Synchronize,” but with clicks and glitches. Ortincam and Jesse Somfay have the most complicated tracks, which should certainly move any techno dance floors. The minimal scene had a huge year last year, and this compilation shows it’s still going pretty strong. (Traum)