Various Electronic Summer in Corsica

Corsica, like Spain’s Ibiza, is a summer hot spot synonymous with sunny daze (sic) and blazing hot nightlife. Unlike Ibiza however, the French Mediterranean destination isn’t all about imported acts from the UK; Corsica has managed to cultivate a vibrant local music scene to entertain all the tourists and most of the artists appearing on this disc have roots on the island. This collection gives a taste of the paradise isle’s signature summertime sound and what further separates this album from many is a definition of "electronic” music that includes a healthy dose of world influences and un-synthesised, acoustic instrumentation played live. Sounding much like the Buddha Bar releases from George V Records (also from France), the vibe here is a mix of house and down-tempo broken beats with a soulful and breezy jazz sound. There are a few numbers that bring up the energy to a dancing frenzy, but most of the disc is dedicated to pure chillaxin’ on a crowded beach or in a trendy lounge. (Montera)