Various Electroclash Vol. 2

Within the last three years, electro has become synonymous with electroclash, a term originally used by Larry Tee for the 2001 NYC music festival that he had organised. Unfortunately, other than beats with all its heavy bass weightiness and signature handclaps, it is a far cry from where Detroit’s godfather of electro, Juan Atkins, came from. Back in the day, electro was spawned out of hip-hop/break dance culture and not ’80s synth pop decadence, which it is now known for. Larry Tee’s second instalment is yet another dose of a look back at an era filled with navel gazing sexy attitude from which influences are drawn on this greatly synthesised album. For the tracks that do have lyrics, don’t be looking for any profound words here. "Dark Side of the Man” talks about wanting to ride a pony and a Corvette, while other equally superficial tracks come in the way of "Studio Hair Gel,” "Parlez-Vous Freezepop” and "She’s Driving Me Home.” If the amount of asymmetrical haircuts, pointy ankle boots and metrosexuals are any indication of this nu-electro movement, then we may as well break out the fluorescent shoelaces along with that. (Mogul Electro)