Various Electro Klash

So it has come to this - electro-sploitation. What began as a lark last fall (fine, it began a few years before that, but I'm speaking specifically about the post-naming of the "electro-clash" movement) and graduated into its own "retro-electro" bonanza during the spring is approaching the winter of its discontent. The backlash is brewing and the innovation of the "nu wave" movement is long gone. So these two double-CD compilations should sound like death tolls, but Ladytron aside, few "electro-from-techno" artists have managed to put out worthy full-lengths, so gathering up singles, remixes and rarities proves there's still some life left for, uh, I ran out of catchy epithets. Despite its unfortunate name, Electro Klash offers a more satisfying collection, with hits from Chicks on Speed, Crossover, Peaches dry-humping Basement Jaxx's already sexed-up "Get Me Off" and, of course, the first lady of electro Miss Kittin dropping her increasingly overdone deadpan. But Sony's entry into the electro-stakes, This Is Not The '80s, boasts twice as many offerings, including a tasteful track by Adult, a fiery shot from International DeeJay Gigolos' founder DJ Hell, Detroit Grand Pubahs' streetwalker "After School Special" (featuring Miss Kittin, of course) and the awesomely-titled, half-decade-old "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass" by I-F. But the sheer number of tracks are so deep that it demonstrates just how similar much of this music really is, and may have you mutilating vocoders by night's end. (Urban Theory)