Various Electricities

This is a sampler of Canadian electro-acoustic music that spans almost 50 years. A pretty amazing statistic in itself, especially considering the explosion of "electronic” art pop music that has occurred. Well, these are the moms and dads, kiddies! As with most historical perspectives, you have to put your sense of the present on hold a bit in order to a) listen to each piece without too much context and b) stop from giggling. In terms of what things sound like, you’ll get everything from new age ballads to music that might have been scored for national events to works of astounding subtlety and mind boggling aggression. All of the above have been crafted with great skill and an ear to how music can be made with pure sound. For those fans of Muslimgauze, Autechre, Matmos, Kid Koala etc., there may be nostalgias you never knew you had. (Canadian Music Centre/Centre de Musique Canadienne)