Various Dorm Sessions Volume 4

This album from the Berklee College of Music is practically ingenious, as well as a great way to check out a serious compilation of artists worth hearing. The concept behind this is that the music is entirely made up of students and alumni from the college (including ska rockers Big D and the Kids Table) and is run by the music/business majors. From over 300 submissions, the selections here are the ones that had the most impact, showcasing two songs from each artist. The overall vibe ranges from rock to ska and a chill feel, depending on which artist you are currently listening to, but this is definitely a good way to hear some new music created by people serious about their craft. Highlights are a little hard to specify since they are numerous but Thick as Thieves, Madi Diaz and Kid:Nap:Kin are a good start.

(Heavy, (Heavy Rotation)