Various Disco Kandi 3

Disco Kandi is probably the best way to describe the sound of this double-disc compilation. It's essentially comprised of classic disco tunes given a housed-up remix treatment, and it's consistently sweet. But like all confections, sometimes it gets to be too sweet (although that really does depend on your tastes). While there's the conventional celebration of filtered bass lines, anthemic build-ups and diva vocals clocked to a pumping beat, there's a better sense of songwriting than one usually finds in these kinds of tracks. For one, you actually get a remix of the entire disco song rather than just a monotonous edit of single-sample - the kind of remix that usually goes on to become a crossover pop hit. The sound on Disco Kandi 3 is also somewhat underground, with its re-visitations to some of the great songs of the '70s, like First Choice's "The Player," Loleatta Holloway's "Dreamin'" and Bryan Chanbers' cover of the Stevie Wonder funk-blues classic "All ! I Do." Granted, much of this sounds more soulful than Abba or the Bee Gees, but the superficiality of the other tracks can get to be a little mind numbing. Studio 54-esque lyrics of escapism and frivolity are fun, at first, but then, eventually, the style starts to repeat itself into its own cliché. Everyone has their own tolerance for this, and the compilation does offer some exciting alternatives, "Tanga Chicks' "Brasil Over Zurich," with its jazzy horns and Latin percussion, the fabulously hypnotic A.T.F.C.'s "Bad Habit" and the raw funk sampledelics on Romain & Danny Krivit's "Philly's Groove." (Hed Kandi)