Various Die Like an Animal Dies

Great little CD-R compilation here from the ever-expanding noise and fringe music community of Halifax, courtesy of Divorce Records, the lovely hand-made heavy label crafted by Chik White of Shit Cook. Many of the tracks here have a wickedly nihilistic and spastically spontaneous "fuck everything” approach going for them, from the cut-up splice-fests of Hellopause, Andrew Duke and Shit Cook, to the actionist-style sound-piece explorations of the Dogs of Art, Cut Off Tail and S-Slaytor, to the disintegrating loop-chops supplied by Round Sounds and Thee Meugicians. But the real meat of this compilation lies in the weighty contributions from two solo projects: Gack, who freezes the listener’s tongue to metal poles with creeping tension that is threatening to pounce upon you, knife in hand, before leaving you stuck and alone; and Torso, who moves through various states of deluded squeal and shudder like a filthy hallucination that can’t be shook off. Die Like an Animal Dies gives voice to Halifax’s true testament to the underground’s growing acceptance of noise by creating a bucket-load of sounds that could never be deemed accessible. Join in the community of obscurity. (Divorce)