Various Diamanten und Raketen

Klang Electronic is the wild and crazy little sister to the Playhouse and Ongaku Musik labels. Focusing on a more techno-driven sound, Klang has been a force in underground dance since its inception in 1993 and has moved along with, and often ahead of, the trends in music since its humble beginnings. The current compilation, Diamonds and Rockets (in English), is more than a collection of twelve-inch singles, but a look at Klang’s recent past, present and future. It’s no surprise that this album is all about the deep, stark yet elegant sounds that are currently dominating minimalist post-techno and tech house. There is a hint of grinding electro bass and early bleep in songs like "Freaks R Us” by Johannes Heil, "Cabri” by Destillat and the "Hey Du!” collaboration, but the sound is undeniably new techno and for the last bit it’s been headed away from the media arts galleries of the world and back into the clubs with a more mature sound and a renewed sense of fun. Klang presents electronic dance music as it should be and this compilation is a good pulse as to what’s going on in techno right now. (Klang Elektronik)