Various Delicious Tunes: 14 Pieces of Fine Electronic Biscuits

So, this is what Vienna sounds like. Featuring variations on chill from such Viennese artists as Toscam, Waxolutionists and Konsorten, Delicious Tunes takes us on a dark journey through down-tempo. The paranoid vibe - this could be the soundtrack to a remake of the Vienna-set film noir classic The Third Man - is maintained throughout, even when the pace picks up, as on Mum's "Mad Mob 'n' Bad Manners," which brings with it a nasty, yet captivating edge. Unlike the trend setting Café Del Mar (which artists like UKO have appeared on), the vibe is no low tide bliss-out. Instead, the curiously named compilation sonically embodies its environment of cobblestone alleyways lost within a millennial metropolis. (Nutone)