Various The Crow: Salvation

Christ! It feels like I just finished listening to an hour of one of those so-called "new rock" radio stations. Only, the tragic sound were emanating from my personal stereo in my own home!! I'm going under and need something to save my ears that have been soiled by the likes of Kid Rock, Hole, the Flys, the Infidels (with Juliette Lewis?!), Static X (with Burton Bell) and the aptly named New American Shame. However, the true tragedy lies in the fact that this disc is a compilation of all the artists more "industrial" and "electronic" side. Seriously! Like it isn't enough that you're confronted with mainstream electronica like Filter, Stabbing Westward and Rob Zombie, but Kid Rock, Courtney Love, Monster Magnet and Danzig doing electronic/industrial?! Kill me now. All is not lost, however, as the always awesome Pitchshifter make an appearance along with Tricky and the Crystal Method. Also, Debbie Harry should check with her lawyers to see if what this band Sin did to "Heart of Glass" is legal. (Koch)