Various Crosstown Rebels Vol. 1 Mixed by Damian Lazarus

Electronic music moves at a stylistic pace matched only by hip-hop and thus runs the risk of sounding dated almost upon release. But those rare producers able to be both cutting edge and timeless have found a home on Damian Lazarus and Matthew Styles’ vaunted Crosstown Rebels label, an imprint for "forward-thinking dance music to compete and work alongside our European neighbors.” By which he clearly means the Krauts. Riding that fine line between brain-stimulating minimal techno and body-moving electro-house, the artists on display here include Black Strobe, Minilogue, Pier Bucci and Andre Krami, while the likes of Vancouver techno don Mathew Jonson and disco-noir-loving Glaswegian Alex Smoke offer remix services. The boss man’s elegantly mixed compilation, which dates from the label’s inaugural twelve-inch to upcoming releases, demonstrates his catalogue to be replete with disco-noir phoned in from club future. (Fusion III)