Various Cosmic Sofa presents Elements Volume 1: Air

If there has ever been any more of an ideal name for a label out there that perfectly describes the type of music they release, then Cosmic Sofa is it. Their debut release, Cosmic Sofa presents Elements Volume 1: Air, is also perfect in a way that it should be a staple accompaniment to every social function. The common element to this compilation is analog keyboards that seem to float, providing excellent ethereal background music to lounge to without being invasive. The ambient compositions by Swiss expatriate Sfumato (Mark Neukom) are progressive exercises in the power of sublimation, albeit subliminally. The finely crafted space pings of the PPG keyboard and warm-blooded pulses of beats are as rich as the dairy products and as precise as the craftsmanship that his former country of residence is renowned for. Other contributions comes from the trance-laden Queue, who lends a muting and hiccupping technique to his beats that lends an otherworldly character previously unknown, and K-Boogie provides a swaying upbeat style of quicker rhythms that makes high blood pressure seem to be an upscale thing to experience. Don't be surprised if you find yourself mysteriously impregnated after listening to this deviously smooth and savoury album. (Cosmic Sofa)