Various Computer Incarnations for World Peace

Jazzanova has a stellar reputation as producers, DJs and as of late, compilers. With a broad range of collections behind them, including the brilliant Secret Love series, their newest compilation pushes Jazzanova into the direction of soulful new wave and dub-y disco. Taking the album title from a classic Jean Luc Ponty composition, the focus of this record is the years 1981 and ’82, and the period where disco had fallen apart and electronic pop was finding a foothold in popular music. The result is a collection of lush and slow-burning dance songs with quirky percussion and a subtle world beat feel, many of which are available on CD for the first time ever. The most striking thing about this record is that the synthesisers simply sound like great instruments making beautiful, albeit otherworldly, noises rather than some sort of novelty. (Sonar Kollektiv)