Various Club & Home Entertainment Volume 3

Morris Audio’s best jams are compiled on this disc full of deep and groovy tech-house from the label’s most notable dance floor technicians. The title of the series may be misleading because this is straight-up dance music and it doesn’t let up until the last song dives down in tempo, but it could still work in club land. "Micro-sound” is the word here, with each track taking cues from the Akufen popularised subgenre of techno. Dash Dude’s "In Your Arms” is a song that stands out, juxtaposing an icy cold, bumpy instrumental with emotive lyrics. A house vibe comes across in many of the tracks: Tom Ellis’s "Computer Says Hello,” Leif’s "Devil’s Music” and Mossa’s "Keep Them Stone” have a very distinct house flavour yet go beyond the typical sonic flavours of the genre. Dialogue’s brooding "Jazzjack” is a moody schaffel beat number, off kilter and mixed up enough to make sober dancers feel drunk and dizzy. The closing song is a lush, down-tempo, electro jazz bit with chops of Timbaland’s freaky-deaky beat boxing, giving a moment’s respite before the dance heats up as you press repeat, again. (Morris Audio)