Various Clicks and Cuts 3

In listening to Clicks and Cuts 3, one is struck by how over-saturated the click dub genre is. It seems the variances between the tracks on this CD has more to do with mathematical permutations of where to program a click or a beat and where to apply a reverb echo or scant keyboard line. Most of the music on this CD is no different and no more developed than most of the material released on Mille Plateaux over the past couple of years. It would not be a stretch to say that click dub as a whole has become rather stale. Disc 1 on this compilation can be discounted as unspectacular. It is on Disc 2 where one finds glimmers of hope. It is precisely the tracks where artists hybridised click dub with other genres like tech-house or abstract-ambient that the listener finds something fresh and exciting. Producers like Mikael Stavostrand (always an exceptional artist), Swayzak and Luomo infuse a tech-house dance appeal; the latter even includes vocals and garage stylings. The upstarts on Clicks and Cuts 3 are Tim Hecker's "Brown Wedding" and Pomassi's "Holcimm Mmic" who both deliver material not typical of Mille Plateaux, bringing a refreshing surprise to what could have been an unexciting listen. By dabbling in varied styles and maintaining a premium standard, Mille Plateaux will ensure anticipation for future releases. (Mille Plateaux)