Various Chez Nous Montreal House Vol. 1

Mile End Records showcases the "Montrealis” sound from some of the city’s hottest producers in its debut compilation, Chez Nous. Label heads and track selectors Patrick Dream and Mike Meurin start things off with the soulful rising beats of Cedric Jay’s "Ca Va Bien Merci.” They turn to electro flavoured micro-house with Fred Everything’s "Friday,” and so it goes, back and forth between disco-driven at times, even diva-esque house and quirky tech-happy electro. There are a few weak mixes and flat tracks, like the easy listening loop of Dream’s "Over,” whose name conveys exactly what you want when the track dead ends into the diva vocals and buoyant funk of "Music in My Life” by Ashen & Walker. Some of the disc’s many highlights are the horn-laced deep drive of "Real Deal” by Miguel Garca, the diva dipped attitude of "Get It Together” by Nicola Torriero and Scott Free, and the electro house thump of KidnFreq’s "No Ride.” Its seamless roll into the soulful bop of Angel Moraes’ "What I’m Saying” is a standout of how sweet the disco-tech combination can be. (Comedy Central/Paramount)