Various Caf Del Mar Volume Siete

Ever felt guilty about enjoying something? I have a few musical skeletons in the closet and this compilation is one of them. Patterned after the vibe of Caf Del Mar - one of the "chillin" down-tempo bars in that nasty sexpot filled island of Ibiza, this is the seventh Caf Del Mar compilation and also the first one put together by new resident Bruno. Caf Del Mar boasts having been a place of influence for Madonna, Moby, etc. This is the comedown for those who live in Ibiza 365 days a year and only endure British and European wankers in the summer. The tracks are laced with a chill-out drug that slows the heart and it's like musical red wine. There's a serene quality to every piece on the disc, like Moby's use of the electro-vox, which reproduces voice samples with an '80s robotic twang. Lush guitar riffs and slow down tempo beats characterise the majority of these tracks, for the most part. "Lux," by Northern Lights, really pulls you into the soft sands of the Balearic dream. For a moment you can pretend you're one of those Southern playalistic aristocrats from Europe coming off the cocaine/ecstasy binge on some forgotten beach. "A New Funky Generation," by One More Try, changes the attitude, adding a samba and funky guitar riffs to the album. (Universal)