Various Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter

Post-CD-R compilations are dubious endeavours at best. Apart from sharing shelf space with MuchMusic’s emetic Big Shiny Tunes series, you’re also competing with the armchair DJ, who, with the help of an internet connection and a burner can match, or even improve upon, your collection. Luckily punk zine, Buddyhead, avoid the latter by offering a few rare, if not unavailable tracks on Gimme Skelter. The album sees Wire remixing "Spent” into a razor-sharp fury while Primal Scream’s "Shoot Speed/Kill Light” is taken from a particularly visceral live gig in Japan. Weezer offers up Pinkerton demo "You Won’t Get With Me Tonight,” which helps to mix things up and offset terrible contributions by Burning Brides and Dead Meadow. Even Iggy Pop sounds tight as the hired narrator, beseeching listeners to "go metal” while reminding them how sick of Moby he is on his brief, yet exclusive, musical interludes. Overall, a pretty enjoyable 75 minutes. How long is a CD-R again? (Nettwerk)