Various Buddhattitude III, Inuk

The Buddhattitude III, Inuk CD embraces sounds of nature and tradition. Paris France’s George V. Records began in 2000 and has since become known internationally with its high-end Buddha bar compilations. The current catalogue contains 14 albums and DVDs that centre on house, Latin-infused and "world” music. By the sound of Buddhattitude III, the George V. catalogue would provide positive additions to any yoga or meditation centre’s music collection. While this type of electronically produced CD could potentially sound boring or repetitive, Buddhattitude III, Inuk is beautiful to listen to and shares a fulfilling, energising vibe utilising a variation of sounds, from flutes to traditional vocals and electronic instrumentals. The third Buddhattitude release is a relaxing CD that’s good for cranking up on the stereo when you need to release the stress of the day. That crisp, clear vision of slowly crunching through snow-covered Northern hills and wolves howling in the distance will emerge, if you let it. (George V)