Various Brazilian Love Affair 2

This second instalment from Far Out Recordings showcases the "London-Rio" sound in a way that parallels the sensibility of the Rebirth of Cool comps with their stylish penchant for future-past sonic hybrids. The upbeat selections on the disc are a mix of remixes and covers by some of the current Brazillian-fusion players. The ensemble of Friends From Rio 2 (featuring vocalist Celia Vaz) refresh the classic "Os Escravos Do Jos" with a lush arrangement of traditional percussion and contemporary electronic soundscapes. Da Lata's cover of "Ponteio" similarly rewinds the original with a slight edge of jazz-funk. The traditional vocal styles on Wilson Des Neves' "Soberana" and bossa-jazz of Joyce's "Quarup" represent with some of the more rootsy aspects of the disc. The housed up remix of Marcos Valle's "Freio Aerodynamico" is frivolous by comparison, while the chirpy melodies Tuttie Moreno's "Constelcao" come unbearably sweet. But as with any strong love affair, a few moments like these are expected. (Far Out)