Various Branches and Routes

Beginning as a record shop in London, England, FatCat eventually became a record label after trying to gain more support for lesser-known electronic artists. Now, after seven years of releasing records, the label has put together a definitive sampler of their very impressive roster. Sigur Rós’s classic breakthrough, Ágætis Byrjun, put them on the map, and as thanks, they include a rare, unreleased track of theirs. "Ég Mun Læknast!” is hardly one of their best, but for fans and collectors, it’s well worth hearing. The standout tracks are Funkstorung’s remix of Björk’s "All Is Full Of Love,” Múm’s perfect "Green Grass Of Tunnel” and Fennesz’s "Badminton Girl,” but then, they’re completely obvious. Kid 606’s "Die In California” is quite a subtle piece of work, Sylvain Chauveau’s beautiful "Minéral” is there to discover at the very end, and Black Dice’s "Things Will Never Be The Same” is easily the album’s masterpiece, offering the most colourful psychedelic noise ever created. Most tracks featured are in an electronic vein, however, the label has recently branched off into all sorts of directions, including the scuzzy punk sounds of the Albini-produced Giddy Motors, the lo-fi funk rock of Party Of One and the Flying Saucer Attack-related Crescent. There really is so much to choose from, and that’s the beauty of this eclectic and risk-taking record label. (Fat Cat)