Various The Blair Witch Mix

Riding hot on the heels of the ultra successful Blair Witch Project, comes the Blair Witch Mix, which allegedly contains music found on a tape in the car of filmmaker Josh Leonard who disappeared while filming the Blair Witch Project. Despite none of the music contained on The Blair Witch Mix actually appearing in the movie, it’s not as big as a problem as it seems, as the artists actually capture the unease, tension and terror of the movie, making this release seem like less of a cash grab than one would assume. Lydia Lunch opens the proceedings with “Gloomy Sunday,” a slightly jazz/blues based piece, with some tortured sax that is morose musically and bizarre lyrically, but what else would one expect from Lydia? Public Image Limited keeps the dementia flowing with “The Order of Death,” which explores the darker new wave that PIL were known for with a loop of Johnny Lydon repeating one phrase overtop. Other highlights include Canadian industrialists Skinny Puppy who contribute “Draining Faces,” the Creatures sparse and haunting, “Don’t Go to Sleep Without Me” and Type O Negative’s brooding epic, “Haunted.” He may not have been able to hold a camera steady, but Josh had some exemplary taste in music. (EMI)