Various Bip-Hop Generation V. 3

French electronic music label Bip-Hop continues with its series that focuses on artists producing what is billed as "creative electronica" or "experimental I.D.M." Each volume sees six different producers from a number of countries contributing exclusive pieces, resulting in related ideas but varied sounds. England's Neotropic contributes the two lead pieces. "My Head May Be Small, But My Heart is Bigger Than Yours" is lovely, in a distorted kind of way, with guitar bits meeting occasional beats and oodles of ideas. "High Fibre" is trademark Riz Maslen as hypnotist, as she entices via echoes, effects and sparse instrumentation. Fellow UK resident Bovine Life goes a slightly more electro route, with his "Ardtalnaig" being especially intriguing as rhythms build and sounds coalesce. Australia's Pimmon, Parisian Zonk't and Japan's Atau Tanaka all travel more experimental, buzzing and bleeping paths, where occasional hooks pop out to say hello. The work of Moscow's Novel 23 is positively melodic by comparison, while "N&R Theme" is gorgeously introspective, some might even say romantic. Here, distorted guitars swing almost sweetly, accompanied by brooding synths and a beautiful sense of time. Positively yummy, as is his electro-inspired "There... Don't Know Where." Bip-Hop is definitely a label to watch, especially with Volume 4 in this series to feature the likes of Mira Calix, Twine and Datachi. (Bip-hop)