Various The Best of Chillout: Past & Present

I guess it was inevitable that a series of compilation albums would eventually culminate with a best of assortment of tracks that have been featured on prior releases. If you are not a fan of the prior Chillout albums it’s a fair assumption to make that you won’t be a fan of this set. Progressive tech-house solidifies the tone of this recording. There’s a plethora of talent though as Massive Attack, Moby, Delerium and Sarah McLachlan lend their artistry to some exclusive remixes and original tracks. The problem with this release and its predecessors is that they are just plain boring. There’s a fine line between chilling out and falling asleep, one just wishes someone would tell the people over a Nettwerk where that line exists. A down tempo album is a bit of quandary, no doubt, but what separates a good one from a bad one is the ability to titillate listeners just enough so as to keep them in a truly chilled out mood for after or before the party. This comp fails to live up to its name. (Nettwerk)